Scams come in many shapes and sizes.   The more common ones include:  phone calls,  texts,  emails,  and letters through your door/a stranger knocking on your door.  The advice when it comes to scams is to ‘give it five’.  This means, take five seconds before you speak when you answer the phone.   That way, if it is an automated machine, it will disconnect as it needs you to speak first before it starts.   If you receive a letter in the post, or an email, take five minutes to thing about it before you respond or act on it.  If you’re on the phone and things don’t seem right, you are able to hang up.   The most important thing is to not give someone your personal information, if you’re not sure who they are.  If you think you have been scammed or think someone might have tried to scam you please tell an OPAL member of staff and we will see how we can help.