We are currently making a bee swarm to exhibit in the Sunshine Room throughout June 2022, to encourage people to plant bee friendly flowers and create environments that encourage bees and insects.  The materials are being sponsored by Yorkshire Dales Millenium Trust.

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As of the 30th September you can no longer use old paper £20 and £50 bank notes, however, you can still swap them for the new notes in any bank!   The same goes for any old notes or pound coins you may have.

Yes, it's that time of year when we ask you to renew your OPAL Membership.  Membership costs £12.  If you find it hard to pay this amount, please talk to Ailsa by phoning 0113 261 9103 or coming into the Welcome In and we will work something out.

If you are a tax payer, an easy & financially painless way to help is to register your membership donation as 'Gift Aid'.   As a charity, OPAL will be able to reclaim the tax from the Inland Revenue and turn £12 into £14.40.  So for every £120 given, OPAL will receive an extra £24 from the taxman, which makes a big difference to us!  If you pay tax and you haven't filled our a 'Gift Aid' form, then please contact us.   OPAL would like to thank all of you who paid your £12 membership last year - you helped to bring in approximately £7,000, which covers some of our staff & office costs such as staionery, insurance, bills and the internet.

We hope you feel that the membership of £12 is still good value, and that you would like to remain a member this year, even if the only thing you use OPAL for is the newsletter.

Many of you are on the ball and have already paid so thank you very much.    

If you decide not to re-join your membership will expire on March 31st 2022 but you can re-join at any time.

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We will be integrating celebrations for the Queens Platinum Jubilee into our activities at the Welcome In w/c 23rd May.   We will also be putting on an event, further details to follow in the next newsletter.

If you are putting on a street party or an event, please could you let Ellen know?   It would be lovely to promote your events if you would like us to to – and we may be able to support you with a small Sparks grant to help with your celebrations. It would also be great if we could have photos so we can create a montage of photos of the activities that took place in the area.