The Christmas Banquet at Ralph Thoresby School was a brilliant night with around 120 members attending.   Lots of good and laughter plus a change to catch up with friends.   Thank you to all of the staff, governors, PTA and students at the school for all their hard work.  Thank you also to the OPAL volunteers who transported ourmembers there and back safely.

Thank you to everyone who supported us by visiting, donating items or helping out on the day.  We raised £900 towards the restoration of the bar room

You've done so well helping us raise money for the renovation.  So far we've reached around £500,000 in total towards the works at the Welcome In.   

Now that the Sunshine Room is complete, we've got the Bar room next to the cafe to renovate, which is the final room.  We need around £75,000 to complete this room and, as before, we will be starting the Buy a Brick fundraising again, where for £50, a tile with the name of your choice, will be displayed in the new room.

We've also decided to start Smarties Savers and we'd be thrilled if you could join in.   Pop into OPAL for a free tube of Smarties (subject to availability) and once you've enjoyed the sweets, keep the tube and fill it with 20p pieces.   Return the filled tube and leave us your first name and initial and this will be displayedon the Smarties Savers board in the new room.


Great News .....We've heard our application to the 'Co-op Local Community Fund' is successful for the Community Garden.   From 27 Oct 2019 - 24 Oct 2020 Co-op Members can choose the Welcome In Community Garden as their local good cause.    

If you are not already a member of the Co-op please join and then you can choose the garden to benefit when you shop in a local Co-op.   Please join online click here.  It costs just £1 to join and there are other community benefits too.