A big thank you for £200 donation from ASDA.  OPAL were runners up for the green token scheme.

Thank you Harrison & Potter Trust for a very generous contribution of £7,776 towards our exercise programme.

Thank you to Weetwood Councillors for £300 towards our Christmas activities, which we are grateful for.

Thank you to Lloyds Bank for the very generous donation of £3,000 (which our lovely volunteer Liz H applied for on our behalf) and for which we are incredibly grateful for.

A huge thank you to Russell Farm Otley for the donation of the 8ft Christmas tree for the Welcome In Cafe!

Thank you to Oldham Electrical Ltd for the donation of the gold Christmas tree decorations.   They are beautiful.


Every other Wednesday starting 16th February, please contact OPAL on 0113 2619103 to register your interest.

You can bring your own project or join in with ours.   We are currently making a bee swarm to exhibit in the Sunshine Room throughout May 2022, to encourage people to plant bee friendly flowers and create environments that encourage bees and insects.   The materials are being sponsored by Yorkshire Dales Millenium Trust.

Thank you to ASDA who generously donated £810 to help cover the costs of the community fun day, which we are incredibly grateful for.

Thank you Cookridge Hall Golf Club Senior Section for their generous donation of £643 to OPAL, we are very grateful.

Thank you to all the gardeners who have been helping with the Welcome In garden you have all made such a big difference.

A Big Thank You to the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, who donated £200 towards our bee friendly planters, which are next to the trellis on the patio, Steve, Dan, Paulo and Joel very kindly built the planters for us.   This will help atrract insects and make the entrance to the Welcome In look inviting and pretty.

Thank You to Pauline and Martin Drury who brought in some cabbage and leek sets and planted them in the raised beds next to the back door.

Thank you to Matthew Howell who, amongst other things, has cut back the undergrowth at the back so we can now actually see the compost bin!


Horsforth Shed runs activities for people to do together, mostly around woodwork and metalwork.  They have a well-equipped shed full of tools and are offering a 2 hour taster session where you can learn some new skills or pick up some old ones.   The taster sessions run between 10am to 12 noon on Fridays.

If you are interested, please call OPAL on 0113 261 9103 and ask to speak to Hattie who will assess your skills and interests and provide more information and confirm the date of the taster session and how to get there.

We are running Healthy Holidays in conjunction with St Pauls Church week commencing 20 December. Suitable for Children 5 to 16. 

We will be offering a wide range of exciting fun filled activities to keep everyone entertained.

If you have grandchildren or know of any families with children who might be interest they can register online by putting the following link into their search engine or click on this link.   https://hhls16.org/