OPAL's 20th Brithday

This year marks OPAL being open for 20 years.   Not only this but it is also 5 years since OPAL opened at the Welcome In!  Those of you who have been around for a while will know that before we moved here, OPAL was based in Holt Park behind Asda.   At the start of this year we moved our Wednesday Lunch Club to the High Farm Pub to reintroduce OPAL in Holt Park, back where it all began.

 Some facts about OPAL

  • We have over 700 members
  • OUr oldest member is 106 years old!
  • 8 members of staff work at OPAL
  • OPAL hasn't always covered the Adel and Bramhope area.   We only began to cover this are in 2006/7!
  • Our first ever Christmas Banquet at Ralph Thoresby was in 2004.