Thank You

A big thank you for all your generous donations in particular:-

A big thank you for the incredible £500 donation from the Adel Ladies Luncheon Club.  We are very grateful for this wonderful donation.

Thank you to Mary Stead for her generous donation, it really does mean a lot!

A huge thank you to Edith Castelow for the donation she gave to OPAL.   It was very generous of her and she will  emissed.  Many thanks also to her family who gave us a donation from Edith's collection.

Thank you to Jean Goodwin for her donaction we were very grateful to receive it!

A big thank you to the Rolling Scones Bramhope WI for their very generous £300 donation.

Thank you to everyone who came to our Ukranian fundraiser, and to Emma Flint who donated the Pysanky Egg Decoratin Kit.   We managed to raise £600 that will go towards helping Ukranian refugees.

A massive thank you to Iain at GEM Civil Engineering for all that he and his team have done at OPAL.   From levelling the wilderness at the back to arranging and spreading the topsoil deliveries,k it has made a huge improvement to the area, and we couldn't have done it without you!

Thank you to everyone who donated when paying the their membership.  It makes a big difference!