Bereavement Cafe


April 19, 2024    
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Cold and cold thank you alright Hattie completely got two items today I’ve got Dentist as well this afternoon I’ve got another one anyway knows I’m meeting kirpal and Karen between between 10 and 12 pro I’ve just said I’m going between 1230 and 130 but that’s it today so I’ve left I don’t know yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Wood lovely Carol yeah oh my God oh alright yeah all yeah what they’re doing yeah okay yeah yeah didn’t good the only problem is it done because I’ve said that she doesn’t think she needs to change her lifestyle or anything okay have a nice day yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah alright dermatology there yeah yeah oh God oh okay oh bloody hell alright okay do you want me to come with you if I’m free I don’t know I am alright yeah yeah floor floor yeah bye-bye byeA relaxed environment to chat, for all who have suffered bereavement

Cost – Free

Transport £5