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OPAL works to improve the health, wellbeing and quality of life of older people in Leeds16. We do this by creating opportunities for the over 60’s to remain independent and remain socially involved with their local community. We are an established local resource for local older people and their concerns.

As a charity, OPAL needs £404,000 per year in order to keep the Welcome In Community centre open and our activities and services running.

Our contract with Leeds City Council was recently extended taking us to September 2025. This is an invaluable source of funding that covers 22% of our core costs but means we still need to raise £317,000 per annum.

The remaining money is raised through generating income (charging for services and activities), through fundraising and donations and from grant giving bodies. It is always a challenge securing the extra funding and new supporters are always welcome.

Our statutory funding has reduced recently and although we are relatively financially secure in the short term, we are in a precarious position for the long term future.

If you believe in the work that we do and would like to support us or, if you or a family member/friend has received good personalised support from us, then please think about making a donation to OPAL.

How you can help

Become a Friend of OPAL

For £20 a year, we will send you our bimonthly newsletter so that you can keep informed of our activities. You will also have access to discounts with local businesses. Want to know more? Call Ailsa on 0113 2619103.

Standing Order

Some Friends of OPAL have been kind enough to set up a monthly standing order. This is brilliant for us because it means that we know we have a regular income and so we can plan our services accordingly.


You can make a donation to OPAL by cash, cheque, bank transfer or by our Localgiving page online here. Please make cheques payable to OPAL and drop it in or post it to the OPAL office, Welcome In Community Centre, 55 Bedford Drive, Leeds Ls16 6DJ. If you would like to discuss this, then please contact Ailsa on 0113 2619103.

Our Localgiving page gives the option to make a one-off or regular donation and this could be done anonymously if you prefer.


Legacies are left through the donor’s will or simply by a declaration to the executors with instructions as to how and to which charity a legacy is to be distributed. Charitable legacies reduce the amount of inheritance tax due from the estate.

There are two types of legacy:
1) Residuary bequests. This means that once the family and loved ones have been provided for, the remainder or a proportion of the deceased’s estate is pledged to one or more charities.

2) Pecuniary bequests. This means that the deceased pledges a specific sum of money to a particular charity.

If you would like to discuss this, then please speak with your family or solicitor. If you would like to speak to someone at OPAL about it, then contact Ailsa on 0113 2619103.

Gift in lieu of flowers

Several families of OPAL members have gifted money to OPAL in lieu of flowers at their loved ones funeral.

This is a very touching gift and apart from making a financial difference to our project, it means so much to us. If this is something you would like to consider then please contact Ailsa on 0113 2619103.

Ailsa Rhodes