Covid Boosters

Ireland Wood Surgery are offering covid booster vaccines to all who are over 75 years old or are immunosuppressed.   These vaccinations will be taking place throughout May and June.   Please call Ireland Wood Surgery 0113 285 7005 or OPAL 0113 261 9103 to register your interest.  We may be able to help with transport.


At OPAL we have iPads for you to borrow!  This is so you can ‘try before you buy’, and to help you access the internet.   iPads can be used for many things: using your NHS app, playing games, video calling family, ordering shopping online and much more!  If you would like to borrow an iPad, […]

Transport Assessment

At OPAL we hage recently been awarded a grant that has allowed us to buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) and a minibus.   As part of this, we will be streamlining the transport we offer.  We will be looking into assessing your transport needs and requirements.  If you would like to know more please call […]

Volunteer Driving Opportunities!!

With thanks to a grant from Motability Foundation, OPAL has recently purchased a wheelchair accessible car and a minibus. The vehicles will be used for regular and ad hoc activities, and we need your help to bring accessible transport to our members and the local community. Opportunities include driving our wheelchair accessible car and our […]

Joint Project

Two Leeds charities for the elderly have been awarded over £350,000 to expand their community transport offer across Northwest Leeds. OPAL & AVSED, two of the Leeds Neighbourhood Network schemes supporting the over 60’s in Northwest Leeds have established a partnership, and together have successfully secured a grant totalling £356,873 from Motability Foundation to develop […]

Sunflower Lanyards

The green lanyards with yellow sunflowers on them are worn by those with hidden disabilities to let others know they might need a helping hand.   Buy them online, and most businesses know what they mean.    They may be particularly useful if you are travelling anywhere.  If you would like help buying one please speak […]

Digital Support

Steve offers one-to-one digital support.   This can be done at the Welcome In Community Centre for free or in your own home costing £10 for the visit.   If you would like further information please speak to Steve by calling 0113 261 9103.

Next of Kin

Please can you make sure your next of kin information is correct and up to date? We don’t often need to use your  next of kin information, however, if we do need it, it is important to make sure it is correct.    To check your next of kin information, to give us new information […]

Contact Points

Every Thursday morning we have a PCSO contact point in the cafe which runs 10am to 11am.  You can use this to pop in and chat about any issues you have with a local PCSO.   We also have an Adult Social Care contact point in the cafe fortnightly on a Wednesday, 10am to 12pm.  The […]

Donations for Transport

We offer volunteer transport to OPAL members who would otherwise not be able to get to hospital or doctors’ appointments if you live in the OPAL area.  We have now changed our position and suggest a minimum donation of £5 for this service.